Have you ever? - played a game - changed resolutions - booted into safe mode - crashed - wanted to cry when you realize your icons have moved Desktop Resetter to the rescue! DR is an easy-to-use program that stores desktop item positions (icons, windows, popup windows, application switcher, etc.) so that they may be restored when inadvertently moved. DR supports all resolutions as well as multiple monitors.

Publisher description

Desktop Resetter is an easy-to-use program designed to save/remember the icon locations on the desktop. If they change or move, they can be restored/reset at a later time. Some programs change the monitor resolution or somehow cause the desktop icons to scatter randomly, mostly to the top left corner of the screen. Crashing or booting into safe mode will also cause your desktop items to lose their locations. Putting everything back is a tedious task, one that you'll never have to worry about again when you have Desktop Resetter to the rescue. You may also find this program useful if you play games or change resolutions frequently. To use, simply lay out the desktop items the way you like them, and store the desktop's current setup by pressing 'Remember'. You can also choose 'Remember' from Desktop Resetter's system tray icon.

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